Saturday, July 11, 2015

Your Story

Books, movies, conversation and yes even blogging all have something in common - usually a story.  We all yearn to hear a story and to tell our story.  I can remember Jenna as a child blurting out - "Daddy tell me a story".  I would respond "What kind of story?".  "Anything", she would plead.

The story doesn't need to be dramatic nor does it need to be worthy of best selling books or block buster movies.  In fact it is the everyday routines of our lives that become interesting to others - lives that are richly different in their routine.  A.M., J.R. and I were having lunch together and the conversation was about our daily routine.  Filled with laughter and relationships we all described the idiosyncrasies of our daily living patterns.

Ellen and I watched an interesting movie last night - a story about stories-  "Hugo".  This meta story saga was about dreams, mysteries, and broken stories that need fixing - and were fixed.   The Automaton reveals the key (from the heart) to a story interwoven in various subjects lives.  Each of our stories and how they weave together (the world as an automaton) reveal our purpose in life.

Tell your story to someone.  Discover how your stories interweave together.  Enjoy how they together reveal purpose.

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