Saturday, September 3, 2016

Know it All

Back from Kansas, it was a good visit with family.  With 22 hours in the car there was plenty of time for reflection, phone conversation with friends, and education.  Finally I have started using all my retired phones as audio servers for podcasts, and books.  So even after a trip to the downtown Public Library to check out Great Courses, I discovered I had an overcapacity of content for even 22 hours. 

Most of the trip out was spent listening to Rev. Timothy Keller  sermons.  However on the way back I listened to Great Courses - "Creating Humans: ethical questions where reproduction and science collide" by Alexander McCall Smith, and "Understanding the fundamentals of classical music" by Richard Freeman.

So putting all this randomly together ---  what have I learned?

The mystery of God's creation will be an infinite laboratory for us to work, play and discover how much we don't know as we try to prove we know it all.

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