Monday, February 27, 2017

Declores - Heaven Board #12

 "Spreading the light that illuminates
The divine grace from the great ideal.
     Spreading the light that illuminates
The divine grace from the great ideal."

Today is my day four of the Greater Cincinnati Walk to Emmaus (Men's Walk #100).  If you have ever pondered God's Grace, wondered about the power of prayer, and yearned to feel closer to God's LOVE, then the Emmaus Walk is whispering to you now.  If instead, you are thinking - No not really, like me for 15-17 years after seeing Susan when she first experienced her Women's walk and wanted to share this experience with me then .... it's not your time and maybe these are not your questions. 

For you, it may be a different question about GOD's mysteries that are turning in your mind, or burning in your heart, or churning in your purpose in life.  When that time comes, it will be right for you.  After all it is all GOD's time and you living on his time.

We are given free will in every aspect of our lives but one - TIME.  For me the Emmaus Walk was a glimpse of GOD's time (and is now Heaven Board #12).  Actually I now believe there is no time in Heaven.  When I gave up my watch and phone (begrudgingly) at 7pm on Thursday, time stopped.  Today on Day 4 it has started again. 

Heaven can't wait!  - DeColores!


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