Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still Life

Several years ago, I read Charles Handy's book "Myself and Other Important Matters" and as preparation in the last Vistage meeting, I watched one of his video lectures.  I would define Handy as a Spiritual Capitalist - a great management guru with a heart.   I picked up his 2006 book "The New Philanthropists" and was intrigued by his teaming with his photographer wife as they profiled various Philanthropists' stories.

In addition to a black and white picture of the Philanthropist (I'm sure that was deliberate) there is a beaurtiful color photo on the adjoining page consisting of five objects and one flower.  Handy explains this as a "Still Life" - For which the person chooses five objects and one flower that would symbolize what was most important to them in their lives.  Arranged and photographed, this resulting "Still Life" would be pictorial representation of their life and values. At the end of the story there is an inventory of the objects with a brief description of the value or reason for importance.

Try this - it is not easy.  Like the Heaven Board - it is a project I may ponder and work on.  Once complete, I'll get K.C to photograph it.  Maybe that picture will be posted to my Heaven Board Entry #4.

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