Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crazy Logic

S.S. was telling me one of his memorable stories about the early marriage years with his in laws.  He passed on some of his father's wisdom that he received during a difficult situation - "You can't reason with a crazy person". 

Melding two families together can be like mixing water with oil - a little surfactant is needed to make the blend work.  Culture and tradition are the ingredients of the wonderful diversity of human nature.  Just watching the  2012 Summer Olympic Athletes march into the  London stadium displayed the colorful garb of uniqueness of culture represented by each country. 

The United States is a great example of the melting pot mixture of culture and tradition.  The new "blend" of many demonstrates the power of mixing cultures together for over 200 years.

It's like our dogs - Bella and Fitch.  The product of a female Golden Retriever blend with (we think) a  black male Labrador/Pit Bull blend.  Their unique personality and appearance is loved by all. 

Clashing cultures can create crazy characters.  It is not reasonable to force your culture onto others - instead enjoy the mix. 

Sound's crazy - but it's logical.

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