Monday, July 16, 2012

No Secrets

If you are concerned about privacy - get over it.  There are no secrets in this data intensive world.  It hit me first when I being authorized at the bank as the Treasurer of the Indian Hill Boosters.  They asked if I had ever done business with them before.  I said no - but they found me on file with an old 1982 record of my Jeanie ATM card.   It happened again when I was in Las Vegas requesting a Members Reward card - they found a 1992 old rewards number from a prior visit. 

If you want to see how much information there is about you, just pay the $100 to get the internet search on yourself. The last credit report even showed the Hamden Ct. apartment I was in for only two months. 

At the Vistage all City meeting last week, a technical computer security geek gave the keynote address.  The tools he described that can monitor your cell phone and your computer were amazing.  He even mentioned the data collected (and maintained in the jpg file, on any picture taken of you (i.e. GPS coordinates).

So "What goes on in Vegas, " might not really "stay in Vegas"  ;)

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