Thursday, May 15, 2014

Conversational Fun

Why do tennis players play tennis?  Even after you consider the selfish benefits - competitiveness, exercise, self improvement, mental challenge, and winning feels good - the overriding benefit comes from the other player and having fun together.  So it is with conversation.  If you just enter into conversation because "you feel you have to" then you will have started into a game that is NO FUN.  You might as well play alone (which in conversation terms would be talking to yourself).

That is why good conversational flow starts with attitude followed by technique and play.  It is important to think about the benefits you will receive from a good conversation:

(1) Curiosity exercises you mind
(2) Find a lifelong friend or nurture an existing lifelong friendship
(3) Laughter -  one of the keys to joy
(4) Getting Help for a current life issue
(5) Networking - adding to your catalog of future contacts
(6) Diversity -  Broaden your views in life
(7) Connecting -  Helping others by connecting your network together
(8) Smiling -  When you smile you get personal rewards
(9) Strokes -  We all want strokes and affirmation that we are interesting to others

The list goes on and on.  Use whatever benefits you see that will allow you to overcome any reticence to entering into conversation.  Think about the past conversations that have benefited you.  Without communication with others you could accomplish nothing.  We live in a world of relationships and every relationship requires communication.  You can think of this in an abundant fashion or scarcity. 

The more conversation you create - the more benefits you get.

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