Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Three/Four Word Conversational Volley

I introduced the most effective stroke in conversational tennis - the immediate volley.  I discovered this stroke during my training at Accenture.  Initially it was when I took a course on Socratic Selling Skills and learned the most important three words to get people to talk - "Tell me more".  Later during Accenture's training for recruiters in the CBI (Critical Behavior Interviewing) methodology of interviewing, I added many more three to four word immediate volleys:

(1) Tell me more.
(2) What did you do?
(3) How did you feel?
(4) What did you say?
(5) Take me there -
(6) How did you act?
(7) Where did you go?
(8) What was said?
(9) What was the result?
(10) What did you want?
(11) Describe it to me.
(12) Explain it to me.

You can easily design you own volley stroke - just remember keep it to 3-4 words that ask very personal details about the situation the person is describing.  Notice the word YOU and ME.  They are instrumental in constructing the volley.

When you get good the immediate volley, you will find plenty of time to prepare longer and smoother stroke in the conversational play.

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