Sunday, September 14, 2014

Buckles and Boots Party

Saturday night was the fourth Vistage Group 1107 party - hosted by Susan and I.  A chilly September evening caused us to finish the festivities inside.  A.S. had special 10 year awards for five of us and I concluded the evening with the Buckets and Boots contest (Guys wore Buckles, Gals wore boots).

Even though the house renovation project was not complete, Susan and I were able to make the house presentable.  We were able to "move" in the new bedroom just after we returned from Montana (Sept. 2).  Hosting a party is actually great incentive to clean things up around the house (and outside also). 

I remember as a teenager ( a lazy teenager) always snipping back at Mom: "Why do we need to do all this cleaning when it was only FAMILY coming to visit?"  After all, family knows how neat or messy we lived like.  Now I realize the reason - out of respect and as incentive to get things accomplished.

"Neatness is next to Godliness"  ....  also!

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