Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DYI Blogging

I was searching the internet to find how to fix the touch light inside a beautiful hand made Amish corner bookshelf.  It amazes me at the wealth of knowledge and information you can find!  My search lead me to one of the more interesting blogging sites titled "What I Learned Today".

In addition to the very informative information as to the cause and repair of my touch light, there were other intellectual treasures.  Obviously a very talented and smart blogger.  More interestingly is the elapsed time of the blog (August 2007).  There are 29 entries in 2014 for an average of 3 per month. 

Most bloggers are not sustainable bloggers and after 2-3 years they get all "blogged out".  Even I have started to become blog writing weary (and I only started my blog in 2009) with only 77 entries in 2014.

What I learned today is contained in the blog "What I learned today".  Check it out.

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