Friday, November 14, 2014

Strength in Weakness

S.M. gave a heart filled presentation on his personal history at our Vistage meeting.  The testimonial of some of his weaknesses showed how his character turned that same perceived weakness into a strength.  I remember G.G.'s (Accenture Chicago Partner) comment to me about the cruelty of kids when they see something they can use to taunt you into feeling different or weak.  This is especially true of minorities whose physical differences can not be hidden. But even without an easy target to use, kids will find something - height, intellect, glasses, attire as the means to get under your skin.

We all know what "buttons" of vulnerability we have (and some are self inflicted).  However,  how we respond to this vulnerability (e.g. fear) is what will determine our ability to cope.  Self esteem (not pride) is an important emotion to build.  

Acknowledging a weakness is a strength and the first step in building a foundation of self esteem.

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