Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What's the Question?

G.M. invited me to a breakfast discussion at the Dayton Racquet Club on philanthropy.  William F. High from the National Christian Foundation - Heartland gave one of the most impactful presentations on giving that I have heard (and I have heard many!). 

He referenced a quote I have read (and may have blogged about) paraphrased : "It's not about the problems we solve (or what we accomplish) but the way we go about solving them (or accomplish them)".   He added that the real point behind this quote is that "It's about the questions we raise" that become instrumental in our lives. 

So what's your question (or questions)?

His question was how should we think about our families?  What are we trying to accomplish with our family?

Is it "raise and out" (the Western way)?  Or is it raise for legacy?

I liked his focus on the family - which is the single unit of interdependency that we all start with.  But I would broaden and interconnect families into the community, region, continent and world.

Quite a big question when you broaden the picture.

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