Monday, April 6, 2015

Hidden Treasures of Coincidence

I can see why archeology is interesting.  When you discover something (a physical object) and wonder what it is; how it was used; what was the context; who owned it; how did it affect lives and relationships.  A.M and I were talking about some old papers that were discovered by his son and it caused me to reflect on the books and bibles that Dad recently asked if I wanted to take back to Ohio with me. 

I can't stand the idea of books being trashed so naturally I boxed them up and brought them home.  When Susan saw the large Bible that my Great Aunt had given to Mom she wanted to display it in our bedroom. 

Easter Sunday B.H. (from Men's Friday Morning Bible Study) got to know each other better.  He mentioned that he is a Christian Scientist. I told him that my Great Aunt was a devote Christian Scientist and that I was the proud owner of the large print Bible that she had given our family.  He immediately said that my Aunt must have been a "Reader" and proceeded to educate me on the Christian Scientist Sunday services.

Now that Bible is much more meaningful to me.  It was probably the Bible Aunt Mayme used as a Reader during the Sunday services.  Even more meaningful since Good Friday was the completion of Armstrong Methodist Church oral reading of the Bible during Lent (something Susan has lead for the last two years). 

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