Thursday, April 23, 2015

Relationship Keys

What's on your key ring?  No not how many keys or what those keys are for (although that would be interesting blog for another day).  No,  I'm wondering what key ring pendant or non key device houses or co-occupies the ring with your keys.

I have three sets of keys.  Two sets of the three are unique by car and only contain the car key and the keyless entry device.  General Motors would be proud of me for this as it avoids their recent liability associated with over weighted keys next to the ignition that caused their large recall.  The third set of keys consist of all other keys that I use for household, office, etc. 

On the third set of keys (the non car keys) are two important items - both given to me as a gift.
(1) The first was Jenna's Christmas gift to me when she was 7 years old.  A metal medallion picture of a driver in a car with the words: "Dad, I LOVE YOU.  Please Drive Carefully".
(2) The second gift is a Swiss Army knife with my initials engraved that I received from Susan as a gift 10 years ago on Fathers Day.

The Chevy Tahoe keys are housed with Ellen's Christmas gift to me when she was in third grade.  The identifier on this ring is the word: Dad.

Each time I pull out the keys to use I'm reminded of the KEY PEOPLE in my life.

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