Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wise ----ner Blogs

"Wisdom is knowledge applied to life"  Ron Blue says in his book "Splitting Heirs... Giving Money and Things to your Children without Ruining their Lives".

 It was one of the first books I commented on at (April 6, 2004) ten years ago.  How ironic that I was moved to re-read the book back in February after listening to William High's spiritual message about giving ( 

Ron Blue goes on to write, "Wealth never creates wisdom, wisdom may create Wealth".  I believe the ultimate test for you in the category of wisdom/wealth, is choosing the steward of your wisdom and/or wealth (e.g. teaching your ethics and giving away your assets).  The fool spends wealth to zero or spends no time thinking of giving.  That becomes the most selfish form of misusing God's assets.

"Giving time and money is your best deposit to becoming wise."

and.......  "He {[GOD]  gives Wisdom to the Wise"  Daniel  2:21


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