Friday, April 24, 2015

Sock Drawer Psychology

So what does your sock drawer look like?    Mixed, sorted, sparse or overflowing?  Is it the top drawer, or bottom?  Is there an organizer or not?  Are the socks bundled or laying flat? Where do you keep stranded single socks (if at all) awaiting a possible pairing? 

My drawer (actually a basket) is a bundled mix of non-sorted socks overflowing with singles intermixed and hidden from view.  Not exactly the epitome of someone who tends to be very organized. 

At my Vistage meeting, I made the observation that there is a growing trend in males wearing fashionable socks (even I received some "Happy Socks" as a Christmas present last year).  The history of socks (including missing socks) is rich and interesting -  see Lonely Sock narrative.  Ever since I can remember, Ellen wears non matching colorful pattern socks (something a obsessed symmetric  mathematician like me could never do). 

Hidden socks allows the introvert the mysterious ability to make his/her own fashion statement (that is until they cross their legs for all to see).  But what of those individuals that purposely wear no socks - what's the psychology of the "naked penny loafer"?

The "no sock" fetish would make sock drawer organization easy - and free some space for other unmentionables even more hidden from view.

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