Friday, May 15, 2015

Points of Nudging

Today was a walk down memory lane with a lunch with T.H. (an old Accenture alumni from Dallas).  The "chance" meeting occurred in a multivariable equation of relationship connections.

(1) Wednesday Tennis Group E.F introduces me to T.M.
(2) T.M moves into an office next to me
(3) A Saturday evening Crossroads service plants me one row behind T.M. in balcony one
(4) A spiritual discussion about the Braves Journey between T.M and me results in discussion each of our small group participants
(5) T.M mentions T.H. (an Accenture alumni) is in his group
(6) E.N (Miami Student) asked me if I knew T.H. when I was at Accenture
(7) T.M sets up a lunch between the three of us

I have come to believe that random coincidences are rare in this journey.  The mystery is understanding why they occur - which we will likely never answer.

 Is it a "master designer" with a plan already known?   Or a "master nudger" creating points of connection in an intelligent way of letting free will determine next steps?

Nudges occur for a reason. That's the point!

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