Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ellen's Gar--d--en

Could it have been the Go Cincinnati volunteering that motivated Ellen and I to get going on the Garden project that she and I started five weeks ago after planting the seedlings?  Today was another back breaking day of tilling soil, digging holes and moving tree stumps to level the drop in the hill.

Part one was planting the watermelon seedlings after preparing the main garden for other plantings.  There is something satisfying about gardening - watching the patient process of plant growth.  Two years ago the pumpkins were a big success, so that gave us confidence to try out watermelons.  Eight holes five feet apart - it takes a lot of space for watermelon vines.

Part two will be planted next weekend as Ellen is still in the planning phase of selecting what to grow. 

Now we await nature to take charge with proper doses of water and sun. 

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