Sunday, May 24, 2015

Grace and Truth

The message by Brian Tome (Crossroads Church)  this Memorial Day Weekend was about Grace and Truth - John 1:14.  Almost like a Myers Brigg personality test, he categorized everyone into two categories - either predominately tendencies to Truth or alternatively to Grace. 

Then in classic analytical style he illustrated his point about relationships with a four quadrant visual.

The most healthy of relationships is where we are both high in truth and high in grace.  Families can show this in the fun of interacting and tolerance (Grace) together yet understanding the family values and rules of order and accountability (Truth). 

Relationships ebb and flow in all three of the quadrants (Consume, Contract and Covenant) but it is the Covenant we seek long term.  The word covenant can me misinterpreted as LAW (like Contract) but I prefer the ecclesiastical definition:

"A solemn agreement between the members (of a church) to act together in harmony with the precepts of the gospel."

Relationships are all about harmony.  Two people (one with Truth and one with Grace) can sing together from the same sheet of music - perfect harmony.

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