Sunday, May 17, 2015

Go Cincinnati

11 man years (4000 person days) of improvements in Cincinnati were performed on Saturday by 8,000 volunteers at Crossroads Church. Susan, Ellen and I were a part of this 9th annual tradition by Crossroads Church.  This was not our first time we participated but this could be an annual tradition for the family now. 

Out assignment was mulching tree beds on Mulberry street in OTR (Over the Rhine).  It was hard back breaking work - but immensely satisfying.  As we were working even some residents came out to help.  Just walking through this old area of Cincinnati gave us all a sense of the magnitude of the challenge of keeping Cincinnati beautiful.

So Saturday May 16, 2015 was declared by the Mayor of Cincinnati  as Go Cincinnati Day.

It shows the power of what Community can do when people come together to do good.

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