Monday, April 13, 2015

Time to Worry

The lesson in Sunday evening's fellowship group was about worry.  I think at the root of worry is time.  Every self help book you read (including the Bible) suggests that you concentrate your attention on the present.  Worrying about past events, or future activities is not a productive use of your time.  But what about - learning lessons from the past;  or planning your goals and future.  Those activities take time and can accrue benefits to the individual.

The problem becomes with worry overcomes the optimal time for reflecting on the past and future.  Worry can evolve into stress;  Overpowering stress becomes unhealthy.  Unhealthy bodies lose time in life. 

So - what is the antidote to worry.  Action can be one potential antidote.  Action takes time and usually eliminates the time available to worry.  "Just do it" comes to mind.  Or Bob Edward's famous one liner - "So what are you going to do about it".

Concentrating on what you can control (in Covey's language your circle of influence) and keeping what you can't control out of your "worry space", can be perfect visual to help you spend less time worrying.

Covey's Circle of Influence

 Worry is a way of feeling you can influence something totally outside your control.  If you spend more time worrying,  the only thing you change is your time -  less time. 

Worry about that.  :)

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