Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kidding - Really or Raillery?

Yes,  I have that trait - was my response to A.M. about the good, the bad, and the ugly of "giving people a hard time."  The problem A.M. instructed isn't in the delivery (good, bad, or ugly) but in the inability to control how it is interpreted. 

In Adam Smith's letter after the death of David Hume (Nov. 1776) - "His constant pleasantry was the genuine effusion of good nature and good humour tempered with delicacy and modesty, and without even the slightest tincture of malignity, so frequently the disagreeable source of what is called wit in other men. It never was the meaning of his raillery to mortify; and, therefore, far from offending, it seldom failed to please and delight, even those who were the objects of it."

To know me is to put up with my kidding.  Annoying?   yes ......  but better to be worthy of raillery than subject to silent disdain.

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