Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Statistics Tell; Stories Sell

I met with A.S. yesterday and our conversation immediately went to the topic of fundraising.  It's on my mind after Crossroads just finished their "All In" campaign and raised over $85 Million (yes that is million). 

A.S. sent me an article by Jerold Panas : "The 60 smartest things you'll ever hear about fundraising".  It was #28 - Statistics tell; Stories Sell that spoke so clearly to me.  Crossroads definitely can show the numbers -  food pounds delivered, Go Cincinnati hours, mission trips, women saved from sex slavery, sponsored Nicaraguan children, baptisms, man camp participants, etc.-  all just statistics.

Yet it was the stories and testimonials of change that created a visceral giving feeling in others.   In corporate terms - the Stories Sell. I naturally passed on this article to the SVP Cincinnati Full Throttle membership drive team members.  We are educating our partnership on the skill (and privilege)  of being an "Artful Asker".  I was moved by Douglas Lawson's article titled the same which defines "Philanthropy as the mystical mingling of a joyful giver, and artful asker and a grateful recipient'.

So -  tell your stories first.... but have your statistics to back them up

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