Monday, November 30, 2015

Inherited Xmas Light Obsession

Jenna was off work Thanksgiving day, so after the scrumptious dinner she was ready to lead the decorating team to complete Christmas decorating victory.  Initially, she had troop allegiance and cooperation for the early stages - unloading the Xmas closet, artificial tree assembly, and garland positioning. .  Susan never even joined the team (a declared abstainer for the last 10 years), and Ellen disappeared early which left Paul and me as the final two. But as the hours developed and Football viewing tempted Paul dropped off and I left to hang the large outdoor wreath.

Returning from the frustrated outcome of a wreath with one strand of lights dark, I found Jenna inside on the floor changing one light at a time on a partially lit strand of lights.  I couldn't believe it - I had passed on my own punishment in hell to her (see Punishment in HELL).

I could see her emotional valley of Christmas decorating despair - in the eyes and face.  TOO MUCH decorating needed and too little time ( especially since her team had abandoned her). Part of this is self inflicted wound because she has four trees at our house and she has one at her apartment also. 

The result -  I told Jenna to throw away any (yes any) partially lit lights and we would wait to get new lights this week. 

She had inherited my obsession but at least I was trying to subvert it before it was too late.

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