Friday, November 6, 2015

X-Rays Bite!

This morning was an emergency visit to the dentist to check on a filling that chipped out of a lower molar. I was past due for the 6 month cleaning (it reminds me of the myth of oil changes every 3000 miles that still persists), so I decided to combine the cleaning with the dentist advice on the problem tooth. 

This is the same tooth that they have been suggesting needed a crown since 2011.   Asking if they could just fill it again was a losing battle and probably a poor stop gap investment. So - I'm resigned to paying the $1,775 for the crown this year.  Check out my February 2, 2012 "Mouth of Gold" rant about the investment that I am continually making in my mouth.

As my hygienist said - "Our goal is for you to die with healthy teeth".   I guess that means I should do this at whatever cost.

This statement came out as the hygienist and I were debating the need for x-rays during this cleaning:

"You haven't ever had the full mouth x-ray (some fancy name machine) since you have been coming, and we haven't done even the four bite x-ray's since June 2014."

" I don't really want any x-rays today"

"Well, it's necessary given you tooth issue - at least the four bite x-ray - we can delay the full mouth for another time:.

"Fine (grudgingly)"

"What's your objection to x-rays?"

"I'm the closest thing to a Christian Scientist about medical stuff.  I don't like taking any medication and frankly don't like what I read about radiation.  There are times I have even limited my use of cell phone."

The great debate starts  ......  With point and counterpoint.  Radiation during flights; Risk of cancer etc.

"Look, my grandfather lived to 102 and had no dental x-rays"

"How was his teeth?"

"He didn't have any." 

"Our goal is for you to die with healthy teeth"   She smiles and thinks the debate is won.

"Good point........(thinking how can I not lose the last word) .......  "But  I would rather live to 102 with no teeth, than to die at 80 with healthy teeth."

Cha Ching!   Debate over - battle won but lost the war.  Paid $68 for 4 Image Bitewings.

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