Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Life, Liberty and _________

The day before Thanksgiving and all through the house..... not a creature was stirring except me reading the 50 page paper "Natural Rights and the Pursuit of Happiness" by J.P.   I am preparing for both an editorial critic and philosophical debate about his fear of the modern day abandonment of Natural Equal Freedom through governmental imposing either forced charity (code word Liberal Redistribution of Wealth) and forced morality (code word Conservative Moral Majority). 

Both J.P. and I would claim Libertarian based ideologies, yet we enjoy debating the details of how libertarian views can create the "common good".  Anytime you begin to discuss the "common good" the philosophies of the great ancients.

Today, I researched the phrase "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to determine if property or owning possessions is an ingredient of happiness.  Interestingly,  the Colonial Bill of Rights used the term Life, Liberty and Property.  John Locke wrote Life, Liberty .... and the possession of outward things.  Property is an asset (although J.P. contends Life is an asset also - self ownership). 

Different Governments have their "Big Three":

France -  Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Germany - Unity, Justice, and Liberty
Canada - Peace, Order and Good Government

None of these mention property.  Each of the three is a state of human interaction. 

Pretend you are Thomas Jefferson, or creating the big three slogan for your new government.  What would you pick?

Based on my Mission/Vision Statement:

To Live a Godly life in Harmony with You

Life, God, and Harmony 

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