Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fish in a Box

Lunch with A.M. resulted in many learnings but most interesting involved the Ichthus symbol.  Modernized to include the word Jesus inside the fish, it has also created an satire for those willing to risk lightening - namely the Darwin fish.

I liked the thought behind not infringing on the branding (fish facing left), the addition of the feet (showing real evolution), the dark solid background (and there was no light) and there is probably a hidden message in the font (maybe Times Roman).

But my research trail lead naturally to Wikipedia Ichthys and the Greek word -I CH TH U S.

Jesus, Christ, God, Son, Savior     ΙΧΘΥΣ 

Or even more intellectually pleasing the 4th century visual of the five letters superimposed into an eight-spoked wheel.  But wait..... not to be undone -  there is the Darwin Gunmetal 12 Spoked Wheel.

Now I could launch into the mathematics of two intersecting arc's with the cusp and the fact that the arcs imply two circles joining twice.   But I will leave that to the quants out there.  Maybe the proper Darwinian variation for this illustration is intersecting squares.

That would "box us" into the Creation argument.  Hmmmmm -  I'll leave that to a different blogger.


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