Monday, April 24, 2017

Carting Balls

It was a great weekend with R.M. and friends with a road trip to Keeneland.   Plenty of food, drink and fun.  The only challenge was the seven holes of golf in the cold rain on Saturday.  Naturally, I had not played golf in the last two years so my performance was the worst of the four. 

The jabbing and kidding was in full steam from the moment my spiderweb clad golf bag was loaded in the car.   UGH.... said T.F. this is the heaviest golf bag I've ever picked up!  How many $%#$ balls do you have in the bag?  Well with my performance you just never know :)

A quick inventory of the bag after returning was evidence that I was prepared for any course and could maybe store some balls outside of the bag.  Thank goodness for golf carts!

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