Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Coffee Please

Well my frugal gene kicked in today (some call it cheap) and I decided to look at the coffee budget for the family.  Susan has loved the convenience of buying on Amazon and I can see why they have over 50% of the ecommerce.  Amazon provides great order history (since inception) so it was very easy to review the last years of coffee purchases for the household.  What I wanted to do was compare pricing to Sams Club and Kroger. But it led me to another place - my own personal coffee consumption.

I reviewed orders for the household for the last 16 months from Amazon-  over $800 and almost 1300 cups.  I supply my office from the household inventory in addition to buying at Kroger.  But how could our household possible consume 1300 cups (over 80 per month)?

I personally average about 1.5 cups of coffee a day.  So assuming coffee every day that would be 548 a year or 46 per month.  At an average of 50 cents a cup that habit is $274 per year (and I suspect I'm low).  Now add the variables of coffee at restaurants, Starbucks, and coffee shops and you begin to get a picture of how much an individual spends on coffee.

I can only imagine the cost for an individual that only drinks Starbucks and possibly their exotic beverages.   Clearly a good reason for why Starbucks market cap is $87.8 Billion. 

Crossroads Church uses coffee during services and  a liberal policy of coffee anytime as a form of identity and branding ("We don't sell things").   I remember Brian Tome saying in a service that the annual coffee budget for Crossroads exceeds $100K.  Now that's a lot of cups of fellowship.

So what's the funny fugal finale?    Give liberally to the church ..... and you will receive coffee.

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