Monday, May 15, 2017

Two Apple Sticks

This weekend was a wonderful Mother's Day celebration with family and friends.

Saturday, my project was to plant two Apple trees with the help of A.M.  Sadly, the middle tree of the three original apple trees (Heaven Board #3) planted Sept. 2011 died last winter. It just didn't seem right to have only two based on my blog's symbolism.  So....  with the expertise of A.M., I chose to plant a Yellow Transparent Semi-Dwarf tree but in a moment of buyer temptation I added an additional Golden Delicious Dwarf to the orchard.

How appropriate just before the family expands (May 27, 2017) with Jenna getting married to Paul.   Now four important relationships in my life.  How fun it will be to watch them grow from sticks to bearing fruit. 

So call this Heaven Board #3A (the A for addendum). 

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