Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Heaven Board #13

Memorial weekend is now booked forever in my memories with the wedding of Jenna and Paul (5/27/17).  What a wonderful event fully planned and implemented by Susan.  Not to overshadow the Friday night graduation of Ellen (5/26/17).  This will definitely be a milestone year.  Even two of my nieces gave birth to two new children this year.

There are endless stories that this weekend generated (and maybe future blogs).  However, my moment of tears happened during the soloist singing of the Lord's Prayer at the end of the church service.  Her voice filled Hyde Park United Methodist Church in a way that everyone was stunned to silence in an awestruck moment of reflection .  Jenna purposely broke the silence to clap and a tidal wave of appreciation filled the church.  It was exclamation of the holy moment of matrimony and the heavenly AMEN!

Well -  this qualifies for another Heaven Board #13 -  Holy Memorial Matrimony

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