Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Boston Legal #11

Last night was the eleventh "Boston Legal" evening hosted by KC.  Chops, Cigars and Cinema.  The movie choice was a 1993 Robert Duvall classic "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway".  It was the most appropriate choice given the past history of viewings about life, mission, character and the journey. 

Duvall's character, Walter, reminded me of my barber Fausto Ferrari (see Blog entry "Same" 4/6/10). I've missed getting my haircut from him for the past six months and pray that he is doing ok. 
The real message of the evening was what will the three of us be like as septuagenarians?  This movie was littered with great old guy quotes.  My favorite:

Walter:  "You have to pee too?
Frank: "I'm 75 years old.  I always have to pee."     -----   Feed the fish :) 

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