Wednesday, February 6, 2013


In the past two weeks I've driven 3,036 miles (Cincy to Kansas; and Cincy to Wilmington NC) so that gave me plenty of time to listen to books in the car - Magnificent Mind at any Age; Natural ways to unleash your Brain's maximum potential by Daniel Amen and Healthy Aging: A lifelong guide to your well-being by Andrew Weil M.D. Both books were filled with interesting facts, scientific studies, and nutritional advice (including vitamin supplements).   The last four months, I have been on this journey of investigating longevity - so these two books added to my knowledge base. 

I liked Dr. Weil's book the best, as he was very practical and realistic about the aging process (and the lack of scientific proof of anything that can reverse this universal law).  Time is absolute and just can't be turned back.  In fact time can't be slowed down - at least on earth.  Dr. Weil suggests that each of us should "come to grips" with the law of aging.  Not only should be accept aging, we should understand the process and it's role in shaping our complete journey.

Experience is the great teacher of aging but doesn't guarantee wisdom.  "Maybe experience can not make a bad person good but it can make a good person great."

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