Monday, February 25, 2013

Technology Hoarder

Confession is good for the soul ---  and I confess I am a technology hoarder.  I can not bring myself to throw away any hardware, software, diskettes, hard drives, wires, cameras, phones, adapters  and the lists goes on and on. Today, I wasted hours messing with two old laptops (one with XP and another with Vista). 

My unfinished basement is a Smithsonian Museum of old technology equipment.  My technology hording extends into other facets of technology including keeping to many old emails - thinking I might one day need to access that data.  It's like keeping a box of letters from loved ones (which I do) but adding to that all bills (which I keep also), and all junk mail received at the house -at least I throw most junk mail away - or Susan does it before I can save it :) 

Fearing loss of data, I have disk after disk, hard drive after hard drive of backups that are cluttered, disorganized and most likely unreadable.  Even if I tried to find an old email it might take hours of recovery and then searching to find the document.  Yet, like a hoarder, I am not courageous enough to just throw it away.

The beauty of technology hoarding is that it all fits on a hard drive or memory stick - out of sight, out of mind.

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