Saturday, February 23, 2013

Movie Memories

Certain movies have an impact on you growing up - especially in your teens.  Of course that dates me back to 1964 to 1969 (ages 12-17).   It was just around this timeframe that the MPAA film rating system took effect (G-M-R-X) -  persons under 16 not admitted without a parent or legal guardian to view an 'R' movie.

It was ironic that during those years of highest desire to see big screen movies (the days of meeting the girls at the movies) that I used to attend church in a movie theater.  Mom and Dad had started a church in Slidell La. when we moved there in 1963.  It first started on Wednesday nights at our house and after a period of time expanded space was needed so they got permission to use the movie theater on Sunday mornings.  So every Sunday I would see the billboard movies currentlyplaying/coming soon and got very comfortable sitting in the seats.

It was always a negotiation to try to get Mom and Dad to allow me to go to the movies (part of it was  the expense but most of it was the emerging language,  revealing skin, and controversial moral subjects that made Mom reluctant to approve.  Those movies today are considered PG or PG-13 -  Dr. Zhivago, 007 Movies, etc.  You always remember your first 'R' movie and for me it was Bonnie and Clyde (1967) -  I think D'Lane and I saw it with Dad in Berwyn, Pa.

Sunday will be the 85th Academy Awards night and they are now simulcasting the show at some movie theaters.  This year my vote for best picture is Argo - even though I have only seen four of the nine nominated movies.  However I did see Life of Pi twice. 

Movie memories like songs can "peg" you to relationship connections, time and place.  Try it - pick a popular movies that had lots of hype that you just "had to see quickly" - example Jurassic Park -  you will remember the theater location and who you went with.

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