Friday, March 1, 2013

Tried or Carried

B.W. has been an defining person in my life.  He interviewed me on the campus of Miami University in 1976 and patiently did not throw me out of the room (for wasting his time) when I told him I was not interested in full time employment at Arthur Andersen but was looking for a summer job.

His crafting of the first internship program for the Administrative Services division of Arthur Andersen in Cincinnati included me and two other students.  That internship started me on the path of a 25 year career culminating into the prestigious public company - Accenture. 

When we celebrated B.W.'s retirement, he gave one of the most heart filling, and motivating speeches to the Cincinnati Office that I can remember.  I was lucky to work for him, with him and still see him monthly at our alumni partner lunch gatherings.

This month, only B.W. and I were available so the alumni partner lunch discussion was full of wisdom and memories.  When we entered into the discussion about gun control and the right to bear arms, I mentioned to B.W. a recent YouTube video I had been sent.  It was a woman testifying about why she favored laws that allow conceal and carry of firearms - I highly recommend viewing it.

B.W. popped off a one liner affirmation -  "When faced with the split second decision on whether to use a gun in self defense, just remember would you rather be tried by 12 or carried by 6?"

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