Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dark Suit and Tie

I just returned from the 37th annual awards luncheon for University of Cincinnati Economics Center.  A guest of W.U., it was a downtown at the Westin and a room of over 400 business people, educators, and even school kids.  It was pleasing to see that the Indian Hill Elementary team won the 10 week Traders in Training stock market contest.  They start with $100K and the IHES team netted over $105K.  The two students "rang the opening luncheon bell".   In addition Indian Hill High School economics teacher (John Slonim) won the Economics Teacher of the Year.

I arrived early so while standing next to the escalator, I counted the number of brown, tan, or grey suits arriving.  Less than 20 out of the 400 suits.  Clearly my grey hound's-tooth jacket with no tie was the outlier :)

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