Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crying out loud

Saturday I drove Susan and Ellen back and forth to Pittsburgh to attend Julia's shower.  The memories of Jenna and Ellen as infants flooded into our conversations with family and friends.  As parents, you always remember those events.  It's an exciting time of life's journey. 

The challenge of attending to the needs of a crying infant is both experience and detective work.  Jenna had colic and we tried all types of techniques - running the vacuum cleaner, midnight drives, radio static, baby carrier on top of washing machine, etc.  For Ellen, it was how to become an expert in burping a baby. 

A baby's cry penetrates the soul and can't be ignored.  It is one of the greatest transfers of stress.  I can remember sweating from the pressure of the unsolved continuous cry.  Like a siren in a public setting, everyone focuses on the baby's situation and your actions to resolve it.  It's a hit or miss solution - black or white.  Like a light switch - the answer creates an immediate tranquility of peace.

Actually the checklist applies to adults emotional states also (just less noisy):

(1) Hungry or thirsty
(2) Discomfort surroundings (e.g. diaper, hot, cold etc.)
(3) Tired
(4) Scared
(5) Sick
(6) Bored or irritable

and finally -  (7) just growing pain. 

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