Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl 48

It's Superbowl XLVIII or for the non-Romans - number 48.  The use of Roman numerals is appropriate for Today's Gladiator spectacle.  The Superbowl is a defining event of my generation since I can say I've seen all 48 games.  This year I will watch the game with the family, Paul and his brother (usually, I'm at Rich's house see: Heaven Board Entry #5). 

I will cheer for Denver mainly because of I like to watch Manning (and his legacy with the Colts)..  My most disappointing memory was Superbowl III on January 16, 1969 with my favorite team - the Baltimore Colts vs the New York Jets.  I was living in Berwyn Pa. (suburb of Philadelphia) and saw only part of the game since I was playing pond hockey at a church youth group event. It was good I had the conflict since the Colts lost and I didn't have to sit through the entire misery.

I was a big fan of Johnny Unitas (I shook hands with him at a Cincinnati Bengals game 11/19/1972 after the Miami Marching Machine's half time performance) who was injured and did not start the game but was put into the game late to try to change the Colts lethargic play.  That game proves that the overwhelming favorite (a team with only two losses in 30 games) can get beat.

Other Superbowl memories are only distant images as compared to my teenage years of cheering for the Colts.  Clearly the Bengals two losses in Superbowls to San Francisco were also disappointments.

Now - I just hope for a close game and a fun family gathering.

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