Monday, February 10, 2014

Laugh, Think, Cry

Seemingly random connections can connect suddenly in life.  I was coaching Covington Partners in their three minute presentation at SVP Cincinnati Fast Pitch (coming Wednesday night).  I mentioned a presentation I remembered from Jim Valvano at the Cincinnati 100 event (sponsored by Arthur Andersen) back in the 90's.  One of the stories Jim related was about a benched player that given the chance turned a pivotal game to the win column.  The inspirational line was that at the end of the game the benched player related that his father (who was blind) had died the night before and that this would be the first time he would be able to see him play.

Amazingly in the Sunday evening fellowship J.B. referenced Jim Valvano also as we discussed how an individual can deal with suffering (Jim Valvano died at age 47 of cancer).  Jim's ESPY speech - "Don't give up .... Don't ever give up" still continues to be an inspiration to many people with cancer. 

In eleven minutes he is able to capture your attention and deliver on his three rules of living life to the fullest:

(1) Laugh - "You should laugh everyday"
(2) Think - "You should spend some time in thought"
(3) "You should have your Emotions moved to tears"

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