Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Boston Legal #7

It was a fun evening hosted by K.C. for the seventh meeting of the guys (of course with spousal consent),  This meeting was suspiciously void of politics and world affairs (aside from some technology impacts of social networking).  

I was particularly interested in getting advice on "daughter" weddings since both have had that experience.  It is clear to me that attitudes about weddings can be a volatile as politics.  Merging two family cultures is not a trivial task.   As I mentioned to Jenna a month ago - that there are four family values and cultures that are merging (My family, Susan;s family,  and Paul's parents families).   A.M. subsequently corrected my math saying that there are  SIX cultures merging not four.   The remaining two are Jenna's upbringing (a merger of me and Susan) and Paul's upbringing.

K.C. mentioned that weddings are a mysterious family merging event (and maybe the only time other than funerals) and sets the tone for future cultural integration.   The wedding ceremony and reception afterwards will naturally create a mixture of relationships that are unpredictable.  What theme is Jenna's wedding playing out?

The evening ended with watching "Mad Max Fury Road".   Hmmmm.....  I hope this is not  a apocalyptic foretelling of events on May 27, 2017.

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