Monday, May 16, 2016

Lead with Love

M.L. gave me the book "Love Works" by Joel Manby.  It combines his view of organizational leadership with the Herschend family objectives of HFE (Herschend Family Entertainment). 

(1)  Make great long-term investments
(2) Make HFE a great place to work for great people
(3) Lead with LOVE

"We understand that sometimes tension can exist between these objectives, but that is a tension that needs to be managed..... This is a tension to embrace, not eliminate", said Jack Hershend as he left the Board.

I liked this thought.  It also applies to the individual.  What if we each made the above three statements guiding principles in our individual behavior?

Note each principle involves ACTION.  Joel makes the point that LOVE is not a feeling - it's an ACTION.  It is about behavior not looking for feelings.  "Treating someone with love REGARDLESS of how you FEEL about the person is a powerful principle."

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