Sunday, May 15, 2016

Go Cincinnati #3 for Me

Saturday was the third Go Cincinnati Saturday that I participated in (first was 2010 at Imago with R.B.'s group).  This year I joined volunteers to meet at  the Church of the Resurrection (14 Catholic Dioceses' joined Crossroads this year)  to mulch at French Park.

French Park is the second largest park in Cincinnati (275 acres) with a great history tied to a philanthropist (Herbert French) a wealthy P&G individual that bequeathed his estate in 1942.   Even living in Cincinnati over 40 years and I had never been to this park or even knew of its existence.

Go Cincinnati has been going on for over 11 years and hopefully will continue to get bigger every year.  It was pouring rain as Jenna, Paul and I attended the "pump it up" gathering at 8:10 in Oakley.  Yet as we traveled to our site, the rain subsided (although we practically froze to death with 46 degree weather) for the duration of our work.

There is just something good about the feeling of being "spent out" in service to others. The back breaking work of moving mulch was good for my body and soul (physically and spiritually). 

Later that evening was sending Ellen off on her Prom night at Paul Brown Stadium and then an evening out for dinner with Susan, Paul and Jenna.

 Today I recover from no sleep (After Prom parental paranoia), muscle pain, and February temperatures (a fireplace on in May ..... really!!!!)


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