Monday, July 18, 2016

Second Wind - Heaven Board #11

It was de va ju  - the "Second wind at J.H. Ranch" for both Ellen and I with Susan joining me for the couples program at Scott River Lodge.   American Airlines once again created all kinds of stress both going and coming (flight cancellations; flight delays; close connections).  Even the Hertz rental redirect and drop off at different airports resulted in a driving the Chevy Spark (in fact I think that car is so small you could fit three of them in Susan's Tahoe).

Ellen returns on Saturday - her first flight alone.  It will be a Brave Journey for both her and us!  It was only a short year ago that Ellen and I did the Father/Daughter camp (A glimpse of Heaven).  And yes the J.H. Ranch mantra - I heard and I forgot; I saw and I remembered; I did and I understood;  really hit home as all the memories of what Ellen and I experienced flooded back into my heart, soul, and mind.  Now those are combined with the experience that Susan and I shared last week.

It was in the very first session that our facilitators Terri and David Sumlin were able to reach me in the objective:  the oneness of marriage to help demonstrate and teach the Love of God - both infinite and unconditional. This week was more than a glimpse of Heaven - it explored every sense - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. 



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