Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Closet Wars

S.S. was describing why men are always considered messy (leaving clothes laying around).  "It's because we never have any closet space".  He then proceeded to describe the hostile takeover that his wife enacted in occupying closet space at his house. 

Closet capacity in the home is always an issue.  The first law of closet space is "clothing will always expand to fill the available closet capacity in any home".  The second law of closet space is "you will never take the time to get rid of clothes that you haven't worn for the last two years". 

That brings me to the theory of clothing - "If you haven't worn it in the last two years, you won't wear it again".  Think about it - there are 365 days in a year.  How many clothing items do you need for a unique combination of combined dress (for the guys shirt and pants-or suit and ignoring socks and shoes)?  About 20 of each.  The reality is we actually wear only 20-40% of that number (of course I fabricated that statistic based on my experience). 

If you don't believe that statistic - answer how often you are looking in the laundry room to see if the item is clean yet.  Yet we want to know that for any given day we could (but don't) pick from the vast inventory of clothes we have distributed across the various closets in the house.

Excuses for warehousing clothing with low turnover statistics include variations needed for weather, weight, colors, fashion/style, holiday attire, and  type of occasion (e.g. tuxedo).  Of course we need remote closets for these lower use items. 

Combine these principles of clothing and closets and you provide a rich battle field for closet capacity warfare.

Who's winning the closet war in your household?   Probably the obsolete clothes.

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