Sunday, October 7, 2012

Put your little foot

It was another birthday celebration (60th milestone), this time for P.Y. last night.  His famous quote of "How Lucky am I?" was celebrated with the book "Luck: The essential guide" by Deborah Aaronson.  Since P.Y was traveling the next day, I read some of the dos and don'ts of travel luck.

For instance, always leave home with the right foot first and arrive at the destination with the right foot first.  Both P.Y and L.Y. immediately said "Of course, we always do that for good luck". 

So immediately I began thinking - what foot do you start out with?  Left or Right?  Does it vary by function - stairs, getting up, running, skating etc.  or whether you are wearing boots, or sandals; or  whether you are left handed, right handed (or should I say left footed, right footed) or physical nature of your feet - big foot, little foot? 

And what about all those sayings "Put your best foot forward"; or "Getting off on the wrong foot"; or "Jumping right in with both feet"?

Or maybe this right foot luck thing is just Hokey Pokey :)

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