Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Dreams
Wisner Family   - December 2013

It was a sleepy year for the Wisners, no trauma or drama - just a calm peace (or piece) of life's journey.  This makes the thirteenth Christmas letter - short, sweet and sincere.   Don't fall asleep.
Jenna (Healthcare Czar) - With only five months remaining of parental entitlement, Jenna has discovered finding a job is not like Nursing - it's serious business.  Her election as Secretary of the Nursing Class and her Co-op job in the emergency care at UCMC, qualifies Jenna to be the family Healthcare Czar - maybe she can cure the ails of Obamacare.

Ellen (Cooking Czar) - A Brave freshman (UGH! or is it UGG), Ellen continues to serve up excellent results at school and home (Cake Boss). Early bus schedules cut into her sleep but are compensated with almost weekly friendly sleepovers.  Once upon a time, she read about Cinderella - now she's dressed that way for the homecoming dance.

Susan (Household Czar) - Chasing the title -"Frugal Czar" was too difficult in our household (GLW has that locked).  Watching the landscape of politics idly was not an option either.  Refreshed with adequate sleep, Susan decided to save America one business at a time with Your Back Office LLC.

Garen (Frugal Czar)  - An Oldie but Goodie, his failed attempt at Top Chef Czar resulted in wild games (was it fried turkey with a trace of Buffalo?).  Don't mock his case with weekly excursions to Miami (U that is).  Walking the Masters and crossing certain bridges created gold points - but he still needs training options.

No tree house addition this year - just plans to reconfigure things at home:  bedrooms, cats, doors and floors.  Paris (Fr) and Naples (Fl) were highlights of this year's travels with other trips to Chautauqua, Wichita, Chicago, Keeneland and Sarasota.  Sleepovers by Paul S, Rich M, Hartleys, Murrays, and Martha kept the guest bedroom occupied.  Maybe it wasn't such a sleepy year after all.

As 2013 dozes by, we awaken to a new year of opportunities.  Each opportunity  is a chance to build upon dreams.  We look forward to sharing these together with you next year.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


"Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, Smiles awake you when you rise"   Thomas Dekker


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