Saturday, December 7, 2013

White Winter Wisp

The five inches of snow last night was but a wisp of white dust on the driveway this morning.  Expecting to spend hours shoveling the driveway ended up a 30 minute exercise of pushing the dust to the side and spreading salt for the patches of ice.  The sun has already done it's work and the beautiful reflection of the white blanket across the yard accentuates the feeling of a new day.

Unlike most people, I love the winter season.  The cozy feeling of sitting at home watching a horizon of white fill the skys during a snow storm.  The quiet feeling of peace as everyone huddles inside while the storm passes.  Then the undisturbed snowfall across the landscape of activity awaits the morning activities as we reengage after an evening of hibernation. 

As I sit here blogging away, I have the benefit of seeing across a valley of white. Even the trees are partially clothed in a light white outfit with sparkling jewels of ice on their branches. Their warm black coats of Bella and Fitch are  a complete contrast of black ink dotting the white canvas.

What fun it is to write and blog, a winter post today.

PS -  Now I know some readers will say - Why wisp?  Isn't that the wrong use - and doesn't he mean skift (see Blog First Snow - 12/7/2009).   Yes I did mean wisp - the third usage/definition of wisp:  "A fleeting trace or indication; a hint"

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