Monday, December 30, 2013

One 2014 Goal

The close of 2013 is upon us.  Less than 48 hours to accomplish the 2013 goals and objectives you resolved to complete.  I personally like all the press articles reflecting on the prior year (e.g. best tech gadgets; worst technology flops; etc.) and predictions for 2014.  So this is a time to create your own personal list - most joyous activities; worst decisions; best giving opportunities. 

Composing a Christmas letter each year provides me the discipline to summarize a theme and look back on all the activities with family and friends.  This becomes the starting point for my own personal year end evaluation.  But is this look back a waste of time?  Without some action or change, reporting history is meaningless.  So the next action is to create goals for 2014.

The first goal .........  "Write down the Goals!"

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