Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Right Tool

A.M. dropped by to help me split the wood in the back forest Actually he was the catalyst to prevent my further procrastination.  Back in September Susan had several dead ash trees cut down. I had requested they leave the wood only to discover about 50 stumps (most 20 inches in diameter) from the trunk lying in the back forest waiting to be split. 

A.M. an experienced lumber jack, brought his "Big Bertha" (that's my word for the 12 lb tool he brought) Splitting Maul which was the ticket.  There was no way I would have had the patience (and strength) to split this wood with my 3 lb sledge/splitting maul and wedge (that I couldn't find).

So as the snow fell, we both took turns using Big Bertha.  A.M. was quick to give me guidance on proper technique to avoid injury and he added some insight into the difficulty of splitting wet stumps that were vertically placed on the ground. 

It just proves the old adage - you need the right tool for the correct job .......  and the right coach to correct the rookie.
12 lb Splitting Maul

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